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Plastic Freezer Spacer

Using Plastic Freezer Spacers saves time and energy when you're freezing or tempering frozen foodstuffs. The open design of the Freezer Spacer allows maximum airflow across the top and bottom surfaces of cartons, substantially reducing cooling and heating times.

The robust structure and raw material ensures resistance to acids and chemicals and a long life-span in the toughest working environments. The open profile of the separator means it is simple to clean and nests well for storage when not in use. The Freezer Spacer withstands temperatures between -50°C - +90°C.

Using the Freezer Spacer is simple. Simply place it between the layers of cartons before freezing, chilling or tempering products. Dimensions for both sizes are:

Length - 1200mm
Width - 1000mm
Height - 50mm
Weight - 3.90kg

Length - 1200mm
Width - 800mm
Height - 50mm
Weight - 3.12kg

Visitors from outside New Zealand can visit the Plastic Freezer Spacer manufacturers web site.