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Live Fish Transport System

Mounted in a 1,000 litre plastic insulated bin, the FloatPac oxygen system for transporting live fish by air has significant advantages for exporters.

The principal benefits of utilising the FloatPac oxygen system to sustain live fish are:

The principal advantage is the ability to use pure oxygen that, when combined with an effective filtering system, provides for the longest possible fish life in transit.

The plastic bins are of a standard type and may be purchased in New Zealand from Stowers Containment Solutions. View Bin Specifications.

The key component of the FloatPac system is the oxygen regulator (see photo below) that meets airline requirements. Oxygen is dispersed into bins through a diffuser. The oxygen flow rate is approximately 3 litres per minute.

Oxygen Regulator

If you have a possible use for this economic and successful system, please contact us for further information.