Freezing Frames for Fish Block Liners and Cartons


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Aluminium Freezing Frame Profiles

To make good fish blocks you need strong straight frames to hold the fish block liner or fish block carton in the correct shape during freezing in a plate freezer. The photo above shows three different aluminium freezing frame profiles. Left to right they are the "XU" (strongest), the "E" and the "U" (less strong). Most modern processing factories and vessels use the "XU" for its strength and longevity.

Aluminium Freezing Frame Profiles

Other variations can also be supplied to meet your requirements.

Single Freezing Frame
Double Freezing Frame

Frames are available in Single and Double formats.

Freezing Frame bottom or Base

Fixed or Loose Bottoms (bases) are available to fit all frame styles. The choice of bottom depends on the method used to eject the blocks.

Freezing Frame bottom or Base

Keeping frames straight is important for the production of good quality fish blocks. Peterson Beck have made a special gauge for frame checking.

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