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The toughest plastic fish crate in New Zealand, maybe even the world. The No 16 Drummond Crate design has been honed over the last 30+ years to provide the toughest, longest lasting plastic fish case imaginable.

Long Lasting
Everything from the special high impact material through to longer cooling times to avoid stress and uneven shrinkage in the mould is taken into account for each moulding. Actual use in the New Zealand fishing industry for more than 3 decades has been its testing ground.

There simply isn't a better crate available in New Zealand.

Because of the vast arrays of colours and prints we do not carry stock of this fish crate. Instead we have it moulded to order. Minimum order is 250 cases.

Length: 795mm
Width: 431mm
Height: 227mm
Capacity: 50 litres
Tare Weight: 3.5kg
Drainage Holes: Optional
Hot Foil Print: Optional

Fish Case Order Form