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No 16 Fish Crate - the roughest, toughest, longest lasting plastic fish crate on the market.

Deboner, Fish Separator, Meat Seperator & Grinder Parts - drums, belts, choppers, scrapers for 19 brands of machine.

Ice replacements - for transportation of chilled products. Maintain the cool chain from the factory to your customer. Best product, best price, every time.

Absorbents - prevent leakage of unwanted fluids from your packaging. Comply with airline packaging rules. Slow the growth of unwanted bacteria.

Circular Knives -

Fish Block Liners - Make world class fish blocks. Includes specifications, instructions and "how to" information.

Plastic Welding Equipment - keep your plastic cases and crates working for the longest possible time. Reduce your total cost of ownership.

Fish Skinning Machinery - from small table top skinners to fully automated fish skinning, we can help.

Crate Washers - wash anything from small plastic crates up to large bulk bins. Our crate washers include the best energy-efficiency features.