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Fish Skinning Machinery from Cretel

Cretel's range of fish skinning machinery is both traditional and innovative. Respected for their reliable and nearly indestructible skinning machines providing decades of service, Cretel have never stopped their development. Please take the time to look at the latest skinners and let us know if we can help.

All Cretel fish skinners share some important qualities, namely:


Electronically programmable skinning depths and a massive throughput make this fish skinner suitable to replace far more expensive and complex machinery. Full automation, no refrigeration and minimal consumables make this a very economic machine.
Capacity: 50-150 pcs/min

Adamas fish skinner

Nobilis 460TAC

A fully automated fish skinning machine with in and outfeed conveyors and an innovative pressure system. Also available with infeed only, outfeed only or no conveyors.
Capacity: 40-60 pcs/min

Nobilis 460TAC

Nobilis SQ

A high capacity skinner for automatically skinning squid tubes. This variation on the standard Nobilis machine is extremely productive and provides consistently excellent results. Infeed and outfeed conveyors can be added.
Capacity: 40-60 pcs/min

Nobilis 460TAC

Oannes 365

The workhorse of the Cretel range, the 365 skinner comes in a number of configurations, depending on the application. Efficiently skin flatfish, fish fillets, squid and eel with the appropriate model or a combination machine with all the bits needed to do all the jobs. Heavy duty for a very long life.
Capacity: 20-50pcs/min

Oannes 365

Oannes 362

A lighter, but still capable version of the Oannes 365. A tabletop skinner with a multitude of uses including skinning flatfish and fish fillets.
Capacity: 20-40 pcs/min

Model 362