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Absorbent Pads

Food Tray Pads - for use with tray packed meat, fish, poultry and whole chickens.

Medium Pads - for use in the base of polystyrene and cardboard boxes.

When should I use absorbent pads?
Whenever your product releases, or may release, unwanted water-based liquids. Examples include blood, chicken wash from tray packs or whole birds, melted ice, excretia from live products such as lobster or mussels.

Why would I choose a gel-based absorbent pad?
Gel-based absorbent pads attract and lock in liquids. Although it is harmless to humans, gel provides a very poor growing environment for bacteria. The liquid which has been absorbed is no longer a source of contamination for your product.

How do they work?
Tiny particles of Super Absorbent Powder have a powerful attraction for water. Each powder particle attracts and holds thousands of liquid molecules. The liquid forms a gel and is physically trapped within the pad.