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What does Fishing Industry Services do?


Fishing Industry Services is an importer and distributor of products which are used by New Zealand's many export industries. We also act as agent and New Zealand representative for selected overseas organisations. Most of our suppliers are world leaders in terms of quality and innovation and our products show consistently high quality and value.

NZ Industry

When the company was established in 1980, Fishing Industry Services' main emphasis was the supply of specialised products and consultancy services to the Fishing Industry. Our product range has now increased to the point where we supply products to over 15 industry groups within New Zealand, many of whom have an export base.

Supplier Proposals

We actively encourage approaches from potential suppliers around the world who seek effective distribution and representation within the, sometimes fragmented, New Zealand market.

Materials Handling

One significant part of our product range is a selection of specialised plastic fish cases, plastic containers, plastic shovels and other products, some of which are distributed through Stowers Containment Solutions, New Zealand's containment solution experts.

Packaging Products

Another part of our product range is specialist packaging aimed specifically at the food export sector. It includes gel-based absorbent pads that help our customers meet high standards in product freshness and presentation. Ice replacements are part of an expanding group of products which use modern technology to protect high value items in transit without the usual problems associated with wet ice. The Beck Pack Systems fish block liner is a mainstay packaging item for the fishing industry. The liners are used to produce fish for the convenience food market including such items as fish fingers and fish burgers. Beck are the world's largest liner manufacturer and we are pleased to represent them in the Oceania region.

Machinery & Parts

Our third area of interest is the supply of top quality pattern parts for commonly used processing machinery, particularly in the fish and meat industries. We can supply parts for many models of grinding and separating machines as well as skinning knives and conveyor cord for skinning machines.

We devote much time and effort to identifying products to satisfy our customers from within New Zealand and around the world. Please contact us if you believe we can help you in any way.